Energy Healing And Psychic Influencing With Radiant Energies

From the E.C. files we find that mental attitudes are one of the most important parts of healing – perhaps the most important. This applies to the person who wants a loved one healed also, and not just to the person to be healed.

I share one of the most important tips I learned from John La Tourrette regarding healing – for self and others.

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Remote Healing and Remote Influencing

Remote Distance Prayer And Remote Healing

Person 1: “Will you please pray for Melody?”

Person 2: “Sure. Thank you for letting me know. I will pray for Melody.”

Person 1: “Wait! I didn’t tell you what’s WRONG with them!”

Person 2: “Do not tell me. I do not want to know. I will pray for them.”

Person 1: “But you can’t pray for them unless I tell you what is wrong with them. I already told the prayer line, and they are praying for what is wrong with her. You don’t even want to know. You can’t possibly care. You aren’t going to pray for her. You’re mean (obnoxious, uncaring, fill in the blanks…”

Person 2: “When you tell someone a PROBLEM, they see and reinforce the problem every time they pray. They also end up “praying with blinders on” that front-loads them to only looking for that problem.

Person 2: “That is not how we teach people to do remote healing. We do not need to know the reporting problem. And unless the person is bleeding to death, the symptom is irrelevant.”

Person 1: “You are weird. That’s not how my church prays. We get together and lay hands on the person while we think of what’s wrong with them so God will please heal them.”

The Kahuna of Hawaii had a name for that kind of “prayer.”

They called it a “CURSE!” And in some cases, it was a “Death Prayer.”

There are many ways of praying someone to death, and I will not get in to those right now, other than to mention that “well-meaning people” are real good at it.

They are also real good at doing “accidental curses.”

“Don’t do that. You’ll get sick.” (Notice the embedded suggestion and the junko-logic of supposed “cause and effect.”

Families who “love each other” are good at accidental “death prayers,” and it usually takes several years for it to actually work.

It does, unfortunately, work though.

They do it through bitterness. They do it through anger. They do it through resentment.

Sometimes they do it through frustration: “When old uncle Harry dies, he’ll be happier, and we can get back to our normal lives.”

Who says he can’t be healed? Who says he can’t be happier now?

Someone is going to say “But God wouldn’t answer that kind of a prayer. God knows my heart when I pray.”

Sorry, buckwheat.

God does too answer that kind of prayer.

Open your Bible.

Elisha gave his servant Naaman’s leprosy.

The prophet stretched out his hand and cursed the king’s arm so it was instantly crippled and would not work.

Noah cursed his son who made fun of him while Noah was in a drunken, naked stupor.

Jesus CURSED the fig tree, and the next day…


Israel prayed for a king, even though they were warned a king was bad for them, and God so gave them a king.

“Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

So why is it *NOT* important to know ahead of time what the “reporting problem” is when praying for someone?

Those of you in the field of family counseling will understand that a reporting problem or presenting problem is a symptom and almost never the actual cause.

Same goes for healing.

When we do remote healing classes, we teach the person to detect the current ENERGIES of the person.

We do a body scan.

We imagine erasing the body and leaving only the energies (which include thoughts and emotions, the “energy double” which shows signs of sickness or health before the effect ever enters the body.

Then we CORRECT the problem at a specific level of mind.

Sometimes the answer is real simple: Sometimes people need better nutritional supplements because the body needs specific amounts of vitamins and minerals to function properly.

(This is why sometimes fat, lazy people outlive someone who exercises all the time and SEEMS to be “in perfect health.”)

In the remote health cases of sick people, we also include influencing someone who is going to be in proximity to the person so THEIR energy field has a healing effect on the person.

YOUR energies affect the people you are around. And the energies of the people YOU CHOOSE to be around ALSO AFFECT YOU!

(Don’t believe me because you don’t think you’ve seen it in the Bible? Go read Proverbs. Go look in the New Testament. “A little leaven leaveneth the whole batch of dough.”)

Each subsequent time, we program (the word you might think of is “prayer,” but I don’t like that word the way MOST people mean it, because most people think of it as “begging God to please do something for me…”) we program for the person to have the desired result.

Praying for the person to get back to whatever activity they enjoy and having FUN doing it is superior to praying for “that broken bone to please be healed.”

Notice one prayer is focused on the problem, while the first prayer is focused on the POSITIVE SOLUTION, with the person to be healed ENJOYING the outcome.

People have to have something positive they look forward to in order for long-term healing to be effective.

“They got to WANT to get better. They got to WANT to live.”

Robert Dilts (one of the influential researchers in NLP) found out his mother was diagnosed with canxxx and was “supposed to die.”

He worked with her BELIEFS about what she had to look forward to, and her canxxx went in to remission.

Or the old guy who was told he had canxxx and would only live 6 months.

The guy hated his job, so he said “Screw it. I might as well be happy.” So he quit his job he hated, went home and planted the garden he always wanted, watched funny movies and cartoons that made him laugh, stopped watching all the doom and gloom on the news, and only focused on what he wanted in life and how much he enjoyed it.

Instead of only living another 6 months, the guy lived another SIX YEARS!!!

And he was happy.

So we focus on the solution.

In cases such as those practice cases that Silva people use at their health case practice website, we detect at the DATE of the request if we want to calibrate our remote viewing ability.

But then we go to the CURRENT date and time to detect and do the healing techniques.

(And those who know how ALSO “future pace the outcome, out in to the future, as if it were real.”)

What remote healing techniques you use will depend on what you know how to do.

The Silva people teach the use of “imaginary tools”. Energy medicine people might work with meridians and chakras and auras and figure 8’s, etc.

NLP people might work with “locations for thoughts and emotions” and “belief patterns about healing.”

Notice when Jesus the Christ healed people, He first of all asked them “What do you WANT?”

And He told them “Thy FAITH has made thee whole.”

Most people who pray have doubt, and not faith when they pray. They “waiver in unbelief,” as James put it in his letter in the New Testament.

Want an example?

Ok. Here’s one: “Dear God, please heal so and so, but unless it’s against Thy will.” (Presupposes doubt for healing and presupposes it healing is against God’s will. It is a curse, and not a prayer for healing. It is fear based and not faith-based.)

Notice when Jesus prayed “Not My will but Thine be done,” it was in reference to something else and NOT in reference to any of His healings He performed.

Faith also includes the other person.

I’ve given this example before:

When I had a roommate with a broken leg, we went to the pharmacy to get his pain medicine and something else.

There was a sick woman there with her pack of cigarettes in her pocket, wheezing, slouched over in her chair, looking sick.

Her kids were running around acting like kids.

She supposedly wanted to be well…


There’s that word “but…”

She still had her cigarrettes…

She said to her kids “Be good for mommy, because mommy is sick.”

The sickness became (at the subconscious level) a CRUTCH – a means of getting dear old dad and the kids to “do their part” and “be good for mommy.”

Or the case of the old woman whos family had gotten their own families and hardly stopped by anymore to see their mother…

But when she got sick, the kids came to see her every day.

And she was happy again because they came to see her.

So the sickness (at the subconscious level) fulfilled a SECONDARY GAIN.

Sometimes people are sick because they refuse to forgive. Ever heard someone say “I’ll die before I forgive so-and-so for what they did to me!”?

Guess what happens.

So forgiveness is never for the other person’s benefit.

It is for YOUR benefit – whether they want your forgiveness or not.

Or the person who thought they deserved to be punished and God was going to “damn” them, and their illness was a way to satisfy their own irrational sense of guilt.

Of course their subconscious mind likely has a good excuse for it. “God saw me when I found the neighbor’s dirty magazines in the bathroom, so God is going to ….” Or “God knows that time I did (fill in the blank), and so God is going to damn me for something I did 20 years ago… And I’m going to be miserable with myself until He does…”

Please understand: “WE DO NOT DO HEALTH DIAGNOSIS.”

Only a medical doctor can do that.

“We do not give mental health advice.”

We scan the energies and pray for the person.

Do they WANT to get well?

That mental outlook of the person is the very first thing that needs to be addressed for long-term healing to take place.

Do they take care of themselves?

I knew a fat preacher who died of a heart attack.

He was bitter towards women. And he ate like a pig.

No prayer for “healing his health” would have done him any good UNLESS the underlying energies supporting that illness were addressed.

Then there is the “Law Of Allowing.”

The other person is always free to choose.

At least to the extent of their awareness.

Now back to the “God knows my heart when I pray for them…”

What we know from the Bible, and what we know from EXPERIENCE is “Whatsover ye ask for, ye shall receive.”

That does not mean if I pray “Dear God, give me a Cadillac” that God will give me a Cadillac.

Do I WANT a Cadillac?

If so, WHICH one, specifically?

Do I think I DESERVE a Cadillac?

Someone who wants one and gets one but does not think they deserve it will find a way to lose it or wreck it.


“Am I willing to ‘do what it takes’ to EARN the Cadillac?”

Notice there is much more to “prayer” than just words people say.

There are mental pictures (more important than words!). There are the emotions and feelings (more important than words!).

There is “What am I willing to DO to get the desired result?”

People don’t like to think of “earning” when it comes to answers to prayer.

Please get this: EARNING is not the same as “DESERVING.”

There are lots of real bad people who haven’t yet gotten what they DESERVE.

There are lots of real good folks who deserve better than what they currently have.

They just haven’t earned it yet.

Or at some level of mind, they don’t believe they CAN have it.

Please remember that “Earning” and “Deserving” are not necessarily the same thing.

I’d look real good with a 6-pack abs.

I have not done a darn thing to EARN it.

I like hot dogs too much.

And I don’t care.

Caring about the outcome is also important.

You have to have DESIRE and EXPECTATION.

Now radiant energies DO have a good bit to do with healing.

So in that sense, “intention” does have a lot to do with how well prayer works.

Someone always asks “That sounds like it takes a lot of work. You already know how. Will you please do it FOR me?”


Learn to do it for yourself and for those you love.


I really don’t care about your Aunt Tilly near as much as you do.

YOUR CARING and APPRECIATION for that person is something you already have reference points for.

Also, keep in mind that doing several cases a day is tiring for the person doing them.

I personally dislike doing health cases. I dislike doing “missing person’s cases.”

(This is why Edgar Cayce was warned to not do more than 3 cases per day. He was so overwhelmed with feelings for the people who asked for help that he ignored that warning – to the detriment of his own health.

Don’t like that? Don’t think it’s in your ‘King James Authorized Bible’?

Look again.

“Jesus noticed that power had gone out from Him, and He turned and said, ‘Who touched ME?'”

Or how He had to retreat to the mountains by Himself.

Notice something IMPORTANT there.

“You CANNOT help others unless you first take care of yourself.”

Have you ever been on an airplane?

The flight attendent goes over the emergency proceedures prior to take off and says “In the unlikely event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure … first secure your own oxygen mask, and then assist anyone next to you who needs assistance.”



If your comment is “I read my King James Bible, and I don’t believe you, and I believe this and this and that…”


I don’t have time for it.

And I don’t really care what people “believe.”

I do care what WORKS.

If you have sincere questions or comments, or if you have experience with remote viewing, remote influencing, remote healing, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, hypnosis, NLP, blab, blab, blab, and would like to add something helpful, please do also include “reasons why it’s so.”

There is much more on this topic.

Thank you.

Jim Knippenberg

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Overcoming Stage Fright

Overcoming stage fright is possible.  And it doesn’t matter if you’re speaking, singing, or playing an instrument.  I do all three.  I know people – intelligent people – who simply force their way through stage fright because they have to get stuff done.

I used to be that way too.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I remember when I was a kid.  My mom would tell me to pretend I was at home just talking to her or to her and my grandma.

That only worked for me when I wasn’t really nervous in the first place.

Later I used a disassociation technique to get rid of stage fright.  I’d stand up and bounce on my heels and pretend I was leaving that scared part of me behind, then step forward and start to talk.

Then I’d imagine that “part” I left behind catching up with my body once I started speaking.

That was fine until I forgot what I wanted to say next…

Or until I made a mistake.

Then things just seemed to go all to crap.

One of the things that will help you with stage fright is to just allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes.

Even professionals make mistakes.

They’ve just got so much experience that they cover it well.

I know a really good trumpet player who does grace notes and slurs and runs on the trumpet.

I was surprised when he told me he makes mistakes and just covers them up quickly.

My fingers used to literally freeze up on me and begin to shake when I had to play piano in public.

Then when I made a mistake, it just got worse, and I’d sit there trying to figure out the mistake.

By then the song was several measures past that point, and I was completely lost.

So I had to learn to just let go of the mistakes and keep going.

One of the symptoms of stage fright when speaking is to do the speech you practiced in half the time you timed it at during practice (or less!).

That used to frustrate me to no end!

I’d plan something that was supposed to take 30 minutes to speak on, and when I’d get up to speak, I’d be almost completely finished in 12-15 minutes.

I knew if I was going to keep speaking, I’d have to get a grip on my stage fright nerves.

One thing that really helped me was getting more experience.

The more you do something, the more confident and the more competent you become.

I needed something extra, though.

My friend who has been a hypnotist for over 40 years, has helped hundreds of people in sports peak performance, and has studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) taught me something that works real well for overcoming stage fright.

I wrote it up in a pdf and included step by step instructions for simple yet effective technique to help you get over your stage fright.

I’d like to share it with you.

The current price is just $10 bucks.

You can read it in just one evening and start to benefit from it right away.

I will email the pdf file to you usually within 24 hours of your payment.

If you have any problems, my email address (from my main website) is jim(at)mindcontrolresources(dot)com.  That’s also the email address I’ll be using to send you the pdf file, so make sure you have it whitelisted if your email server blocks unknown senders.

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